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2014 is the Year of the Open Door!

In the Hebrew calendar, this new year, 2014, is the year 5774. Every Hebrew number is also a word which has meaning. Here is part of a post by Lance Wallnau that explains the prophetic implications of the meaning for not only this year, but this decade.

“The underlying architecture of this decade, from 2010 till 2020 is the Hebrew word “Ayin”…which is “70″ (according to Torah scholars this decade started at 5770 or 2010 and the decade ends 5779 or 2019 A.D.) Ayin is part of every year.

“Ayin” sets the stage for the entire decade: 2012 was “Ayin Bet”, 2013 was “Ayin Gimel,” 2014 is “Ayin Dalet” and so forth.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?….. A whole lot MORE than you think!

The word “Ayin” means – eye; to see, and by extension, to understand and obey. It also means “Divine Providence.” God giving you eyes to see from a kingdom perspective. The ayin is described as having 2 eyes …

Here is the roll out from 2011 to 2018.
2011 – Aleph (an ox or bull = strength, primacy, leader)
2012 – Beth (a tent, house, in, into = household, family)
2013 – Gimel (a camel = to be lifted up)
2014 – Daleth (a door = opening, entry, pathway)
2015 – Hey (a window = behold, the, to reveal, inspiration, what comes from)
2016 – Vav (a nail, hook, and = to fasten, join together, secure, add)
2017 – Zayin (a weapon = cut, cut off)
2018 – Chet (fence, enclosure = inner room; heart; private; separate)

(Ayin Dalet- 2014) As you see with His eyes, you will find the open doors into His presence. You will find Him pressing into your tent as well…”

Get the whole article on Lance’s blog page and check out his Facebook page (there are a couple of postings with a few more comments). You might also be interested in a more in-depth booklet he released in a PDF on his website which leads into this year and also covers some upcoming:  Success Keys to 2013

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