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Dr Mike Hutchins

Connections 2016!

We are in an exciting time of Kingdom connectivity! Like no other time in previous history, because of the internet, mobile devices and other technology, we are connecting with our family (God’s family) almost en masse. This kinship is tangible.

In the Hebrew calendar, 2016 is the year 5776. The numerical equivalent for 6 is the Hebrew letter, Vav, which looks like a nail or hook and symbolizes connection, fastening or joining together.  From a prophetic view, the meaning of the year speaks of God’s emphasis for the year.

Look for God to fasten you and join you in relationships to others outside of your usual circle. Get ready for an increase over what you’ve experienced in the past. As for Grace Community Church, we are finding ourselves part of this beautiful tapestry that the Father himself is weaving. We are grateful for the connections with all those who’ve pour life into us over the past several years, many who we’ve connected with through conferences, media and internet. But also those who’ve come in person that we are now “fastened to” by divine appointment. Thank you to Ed & Dani Rocha, Vic & Diane Dunning, Scott & Lacey Thompson, Vicki Kritko, Robby Dawkins, Jamie Galloway, Dr Michael & Roxanne Hutchins and many others for connecting with us and pouring into us that which you’ve been given.

Then there are the local ministries and churches that are connecting through people and opportunities to pool resources to bless our community. Thank you to all who are behind the impact of Take the City, Pray Georgia, CVHOP, International Friendship Ministries, Revival on the River, Unity Night, Teen Challenge, Missional Community, The Door, local churches and non-profits, and so many more.

We look forward to this year’s increase and expect great things for our city, region, nation and beyond.

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